Three Advantages of an Ozone Air Cleaner

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You may have noticed recently that there is a new trend toward home air purifiers. With viral infections on the rise in many places, homeowners want to make sure they can create a clean and safe space in their dwellings. While home air purifiers are certainly a great choice in many cases, not all air purifiers are created equally.

Three Advantages of an Ozone Air Cleaner

One increasingly popular option for many homes and businesses is an ozone air cleaner, which offers some additional benefits over a basic air purification system.

  1. Disinfects – A primary advantage of ozone air cleaners is that they disinfect the air. An ozone air cleaner naturally eliminates viruses and bacteria that could cause illness or allergies. While some air purifiers tout that they can remove bacteria from the air, it’s important to note that they don’t all disinfect the same. You’ll want to choose an ozone air cleaner that is the right size for your home and that will disinfect the way you need it to.
  2. Kills Insects – Insects are very sensitive to the air around them, so an ozone air cleaner works to your benefit as a homeowner. We all know those pesky bugs that can come into our homes and try to take over. With an ozone air cleaner, these bugs will be stopped dead and prevented from persistently bothering you in your living spaces.
  3. Eliminates Odors – From animal smells to cigarette smoke and food odors, ozone air cleaners work to eliminate strange odors from your home. If you want to ensure your home smells fresh and clean every time you walk through the door, this is a great choice for your family!

At A/C Medic, we know you want what’s best for your home and family. That’s why we carry high-quality ozone air cleaners to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more!