Ozone Deodorizer, Durham, NC

Get rid of persistent odors in your home.

Outside, UV light and O3 automatically eliminate pervasive odors. But indoors, most places receive very little O3 or UV light, making cooking smells, cigarette smoke, and other pervasive smells more likely to stick around. Even with air fresheners, candles, sprays, and other methods, it’s hard for your home to smell completely fresh and clean all the time.

Ozone Deodorizer in Durham, North Carolina

This is where using an ozone deodorizer comes in. These systems work by breaking down pollutants and contaminants at their source using a specialized process that relies on an electrical current. When you use an ozone deodorizer in your home, normal oxygen will be converted to O3 (commonly called ozone). Eventually, it reverts back to O2, leaving your air fresh by permanently removing the source of the odor. These systems don’t use any artificial odors to cover up smells, so your home will become free of the odors that reduce your quality of living.

If you’re looking for ways to freshen up your home and eliminate lingering smells for good, we can’t say enough good things about using an ozone deodorizer. At A/C Medic, we sell these systems and can help you pick out the right one for your home in Durham, North Carolina.

We’re ready to help you eliminate lingering odors in your home. For more information about ozone deodorizers or what we can do to help you find the right system for your space, get in touch with us today.

At A/C Medic, we install ozone deodorizers in Durham, Raleigh, and Hillsborough, North Carolina.