4 Signs You May Need Furnace Maintenance

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You rely on your furnace during the winter months to help regulate the heat in your home, and we know that there are few things worse than when your furnace stops working unexpectedly. If you schedule regular furnace maintenance, you may avoid having to pay for extensive repairs.

4 Signs You May Need Furnace Maintenance

Here’s a list of four ways to tell if you need furnace maintenance.

  1. Your Home Isn’t Comfortable. There could be a lack of temperature regulation, your house feels colder than it usually does, or there isn’t a proper circulation of air flow in your home. If you notice that your home is suffering from reduced levels of heating or an issue with your air flow, this is a big sign you need furnace maintenance.
  2. Weird Noise or Smells. If your furnace is making loud noises that you aren’t used to, or it is emitting a strange odor, this is a warning sign that something is wrong and may be leading to bigger problems in the future.
  3. Increased Utility Bills. An increase in your utility bills could mean that your furnace is working extra hard to heat your home. You may not notice something is wrong, but this is usually a sign that your furnace requires some maintenance.
  4. Pilot Light Issues. If you notice the pilot is not staying lit or is yellow or discolored, it means that your furnace may need a repair immediately. Look for a blue pilot light to know your furnace is working properly.

If you happen to notice any of these signs when you turn your furnace on this fall, schedule a tune-up for your furnace as soon as possible.