Winter HVAC Maintenance? Yes! Here’s Why!

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HVAC maintenance can go a long way to getting those bills back under control

It might seem unusual to call for HVAC maintenance in the winter, but there are situations in which that is exactly what you should do. Just as you need to keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance when you hit the prescribed number of miles, regardless of the season, you may want to consider calling for HVAC maintenance if any of the following are true:

  • You skipped fall HVAC maintenance. The ideal times of year for maintenance are spring and fall, but if you missed it, it is not too late to have it done.
  • You are getting higher than normal heating bills. If the temperatures are about the same as last year, but your bill is substantially higher, it can be a sign that your HVAC system is struggling, and HVAC maintenance can go a long way to getting those bills back under control.
  • Your home isn’t getting a comfortable temperature. If your home isn’t getting to the temperature that you set the thermostat, it may need some adjustments or a minor repair, which could become a costly one if you put off HVAC maintenance for much longer.
  • Some rooms aren’t as warm even though they were last year. A problem with the HVAC system can result in heat not getting to the farthest rooms from the unit. It could be a ductwork issue or something HVAC maintenance can resolve.

If any of these are true, give us a call at A/C Medic to schedule HVAC maintenance. You would be surprised how many times a minor repair or adjustment can resolve a problem that has some companies advising you to replace the system.