Winter HVAC Maintenance Basics

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Our team at A/C Medic wants to help you keep your home comfortable throughout the winter months. In order to keep your system running optimally, you will need to take the time to do some maintenance, or hire professionals like those on our team to do it for you. The specific steps that need to be taken as part of maintenance vary based on the time of year and the ambient weather conditions outside. In this article, we will focus on winter HVAC maintenance and go over a few things that the process involves.

Winter HVAC Maintenance Basics

•  Clean the Air Filters- One step to take as part of winter HVAC maintenance is to clean your air filters or replace them with new ones. These filters serve the important purpose of trapping germs, pollen, dust, and other irritants and prevent them from circulating throughout your home’s indoor air supply, but over time, they will become choked with these particles and lose their effectiveness. You can restore that effectiveness and improve your indoor air quality by simply cleaning your filters.

•  Protect the Outdoor Unit- Another thing that we recommend you do as part of winter HVAC maintenance is to cover up your outdoor AC unit. This will help protect it from ice and snow, which can do serious damage to this important part of your HVAC system.

•  Check the Thermostat- A third thing to do as part of winter HVAC maintenance is check the thermostat to make sure it is working properly. If you are concerned about energy efficiency, you can even set the temperature to be cooler when you are not at home, then warm up once you get back.