Why Furnace Maintenance is So Important

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As the temperatures start dropping, releasing us from yet another hot summer, it is time to remember to take care of furnace maintenance, preferably before you need to turn it on. If you had your HVAC system serviced in the spring for the air conditioner to perform its best, you might think you don’t need to do anything additional. The reality is that central heat and air systems use some components for both summer and winter, with other parts used only part of the year. That means that some things have had a workout and may need adjustments and minor repairs, while others haven’t been doing anything and need to be checked out.

it is time to remember to take care of furnace maintenance

Furnace maintenance is also important so that your system can operate as efficiently as possible. Taking care of it before the winter season begins means your first power bill can be the lowest it can be instead of giving you a stark awakening that it is struggling. In addition, if your system struggles for 4 to 6 weeks before you recognize the problem because of the higher bill, it is shaving time off its potential lifespan. Even worse, it could result in a costly repair when only a minor one would have been needed if furnace maintenance had been done before the season began.

At A/C Medic, we want your Durham, North Carolina home to be warm and toasty this winter and your power bill to be low. Call on us this month to schedule furnace maintenance and you stand a better chance of not shivering as you wait for service.