Why Air Duct Cleaning is So Vital

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Why Air Duct Cleaning is So VitalWhen you see dusty grills over your vents, you might assume you just need to clean them, and all is well. But this could be a sign it is time for air duct cleaning. It could be a bigger problem than just the grill. Is it important to get those air ducts cleaned? Absolutely! Keep reading to learn several reasons why.

  • Prevent mold growth. Especially if you live in a humid climate, condensation building up in your system can cause debris and dust to become mold. This will then blow into your home when your system is engaged and cause mold to start growing in other parts of your house as well. Often, this can be identified by a moldy smell when the air is blowing, but not always. Therefore, if you suspect your home might have mold, call immediately for an air duct cleaning.
  • Reduce allergens. Clogged and dirty air ducts can also cause allergies to flare up or be worse than usual. Additionally, it could cause respiratory issues, such as a cough or cold that doesn’t seem to go away. If you have a pet, this could worsen the problem because all the dander and hair inside the vents will blow out regularly, affecting the air quality and exacerbating allergies.
  • Save money. High energy bills could be an indication it’s time for air duct cleaning as well. The build-up of debris and dust can clog the ducts, causing poor air flow. This forces your system to work harder, raising your energy bills, but not fixing the airflow problem.
  • Prevent pest infestations. You could get insect or rat infestations from leaving air ducts dirty. If you notice an insect infestation and have no idea where it is coming from, you should look into air duct cleaning. You absolutely do not want a small insect infestation to become a bigger problem from having a nesting ground in your ducts.

These are some of the reasons why air duct cleaning is so vital. Call our team at A/C Medic today to set up a consultation for us to check on your ducts and set up an air duct cleaning as needed.