Keep the Heat: 4 Reasons You Need Furnace Maintenance

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Here at A/C Medic, our goal is to help you have a comfortable home that stays consistently at the temperature you prefer. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is come to us for yearly furnace maintenance. Here are a few reasons why:

1.   Keep warrantee valid and avoid expensive repairs: Nearly all furnace manufacturers recommend yearly maintenance on your furnace. In fact, some repairs may not be covered by your warranty if you haven’t followed proper maintenance recommendations. When you have a professional checking your unit regularly, you’re less likely to be surprised by an expensive repair.

When you come to us for furnace maintenance

2.   Ensure consistent and comfortable temperatures: It’s better to act ahead of time to make sure your furnace is running properly than waiting for a cold day to find out something is wrong. With furnace maintenance, you can be confident that your unit will operate as it should to keep your home comfortable.

3.   Reduce energy usage: When your furnace receives regular maintenance, it doesn’t need to work as hard to achieve desired temperatures, which means less energy and smaller utility bills.

4.   Ensure safety: During your furnace maintenance, your HVAC professional will inspect electrical wiring and your venting system. Corrosion and other problems with wiring can be dangerous, especially near heat. Checking the venting system also involves checking for carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals.

When you come to us for furnace maintenance, you can trust in our extensive experience to keep your furnace running in optimal condition. Just as importantly, you can trust that we will be completely honest and will not suggest any repairs or replacements that aren’t necessary. Call us today to schedule an appointment.