Fall HVAC Tips

Each season of the year, the weather serves as a good reminder about routine preventative home maintenance. Falling leaves are a significant way to get ready for falling temperatures that mean you’ll soon need your furnace to remain comfortable in your home. Fall HVAC maintenance service is a good idea if you want to avoid high heating bills, furnace breakdowns, or shaving time off the life of your HVAC system. Here are a few additional fall HVAC tips besides calling a professional for maintenance service.

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  • Clear the debris around your exterior unit. Some people opt to clear every possible fallen leaf from their property, while others either mulch them so they fertilize the ground or leave many in place. If you don’t rake them all up, at least be sure they are not piled up around your exterior unit. It is a good time to prune back any shrubs, too.
  • Turn your furnace on to test it before you need it. If you wait till the first day you need it and it doesn’t work, you’ll be on a long list of service calls that day because of all the other people that waited. You’ll get quicker response if you test it out beforehand and need to call for help.
  • Consider upgrading your HVAC equipment. If you have older equipment, it is better to replace it before winter hits than hope it makes it through the season. It can take several hours to replace an HVAC system, so it is better to do so when you won’t be shivering while you wait. It will also give you an entire season of energy savings to upgrade now and since it takes more energy to heat a home than cool it, waiting isn’t a great idea.

If you would like to schedule your fall HVAC maintenance visit, give us a call at A/C Medic. We proudly serve the Durham, North Carolina area with a wide variety of HVAC services, including maintenance, repairs, installation, and replacement. Call today to learn more.