3 Warning Signs That You Need Furnace Repair

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If you’ve ever had a furnace unexpectedly break down on you, then you know how unpleasant it can be. While our team at A/C Medic is here to provide top-notch emergency furnace repair services should you need them, we would rather help you avoid having to deal with a broken furnace in the first place. In this article, we’ll go over three warning signs that you need furnace repair–if you notice any of these things happening to your furnace, don’t hesitate to get our experts on the job.

3 Warning Signs That You Need Furnace Repair

1.  Excessive Noise- Although your furnace will always make some sound as it runs, it shouldn’t make any loud screeching, groaning, or banging noises. These types of sounds nearly always indicate that something is seriously wrong with your system, and we recommend that you have it inspected as soon as possible.

2.  Unresponsive Thermostat- Another sign that you probably need furnace repair is not experiencing any change in temperature, no matter how high you crank the thermostat. If your thermostat is set on high but you still find yourself shivering in your home, you could have a problem with the thermostat not effectively sending signals to the furnace, or you could have a problem with the furnace itself.

3.  Increased Electric Bills- A third indicator that you may need furnace repair can be found in your electric bills. Specifically, if you compare this year’s bill to last year’s, do you notice a significant difference in the amounts involved? If your bill is distinctly higher than it was last year, that’s a sign that your system is not working as efficiently as it once did.